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The A.I. Asset

Creator as curator

Welcome to "The A.I. Asset: Creator as Curator," a dynamic event, moderated by Adrienne Maples, where we'll discuss the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the creative process. Join us for a thought-provoking session featuring prominent speakers who will guide us through the intricate intersection of art, design and AI.

Renowned speaker David Maples will share insights on demystifying AI as a tool, not a threat. As he addresses ethical considerations and the complexities of copyright in the digital age, Maples invites us to view AI as a powerful collaborator in the creative process, rather than a potential adversary.

Virginia Huling, an authority in technological advancement, will discuss navigating the changing landscape and the importance of embracing continuous learning in an AI-driven world. Huling advocates for a harmonious relationship between artists and machines, highlighting AI as a collaborative partner that enhances creativity rather than supplants it.

Eddy Tavio will explore AI's role as a catalyst for creativity, showcasing how he fuses art with technology and liberates designers from repetitive tasks. Through engaging examples and real-world applications, Tavio  will demonstrate how artists successfully implement A.I. into their creative workflows, unleashing new realms of artistic possibilities.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain profound insights into the evolving synergy between art and AI, shaping the future of creativity and innovation in our tech-forward community. This event promises to be an inspiring exploration of the evolving relationship between human creators and intelligent machines.

04.24.24 | 11:30am-1:00pm
  • 11:30am | Registration
  • 12:00pm | Presentation
  • Lunch Provided
$18 + fees in advance | $25 at door
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Virginia Huling

Virginia Huling graduated from the University of Georgia before swiftly rising to prominence in the design world, earning a Silver ADDY Award for her outstanding design prowess. Her work reflects her creative ingenuity as she explores the intersection between art and emerging technologies. As a co-host of the AI Podcast, Virginia delves into the complexities of artificial intelligence, advocating for continuous learning in an AI-driven world while emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between artists and machines.

Virginia's champions AI as a collaborative partner that enhances creativity rather than replacing it. Her insights resonate deeply within the design and technology communities, inspiring a new generation of designers and innovators to embrace the transformative potential of AI while navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancement with confidence and adaptability.

Adrienne Maples

Adrienne Maples, an influential photographer, educates creatives on the challenges posed by modern technology and the ever evolving photographic process. 

Adrienne obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Design where she spent endless hours in the darkroom learning the fundamental properties of photography. Her expertise extends to utilizing the power of AI and she speaks passionately about integrating technology into the creative process. With her visionary approach Adrienne Maples is not just a photographer; she is a guiding force through the ever-shifting landscape of photography, embracing its rich history and leading the way into the future.

David Maples

David Maples is a dynamic and accomplished professional with an impressive breadth of expertise spanning technology, law, and business.

David holds a degree in Management and Marketing from the University of Georgia (UGA), a minor in Statistical Analysis, and a Law Degree from Louisiana State University’s (LSU) Paul M. Hebert School of Law. Over the course of his 20-year career, he has excelled in various roles, including brand strategist, computer systems architect, intellectual property attorney, and business consultant. 

David is a sought-after speaker, sharing his expertise on a range of topics. He also enjoys embracing his inner tech nerd by building deep learning machines and staying at the forefront of technology and innovation. In addition to being a professional speaker and his work at Catapult, he is the host of multiple podcast, include The Buck Stops Here podcast and the KC Leaders Podcast.

Eddy Tavio, AIA

Originally from Venezuela, Eddy Tavío Dolande is an accomplished project designer at Populous, a global architecture and design firm renowned for creating iconic sports and entertainment destinations worldwide. Eddy's passion for architecture ignited at a young age, propelling him to become a rising star in the industry, specializing in conceptual design and creative exploration.

Currently, he leads pioneering explorations into artificial intelligence's intersection with architecture, urbanism, and the human experience. As a Senior Associate and Project Designer, Eddy leverages his background in spatial awareness and gaming influences to incorporate virtual reality technology into his work. This enables clients to immerse themselves in envisioned venues before construction, revolutionizing the design process and bringing their dreams to life in unprecedented ways.