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Create Your Own Reality

Mental health in the design field

Over the last few years, we’ve been inundated with obstacles that seemingly fall one after another without a break. Our work environment has gone from the office to home, then back to the office. We push the boundaries of 9 to 5, hard. As a result, we’re being asked for what feels like round the clock service (via our phones/technology for emails, video chats, and texts at any hour of the day). 

Kansas City is a flourishing community with a fast- paced and driven working field. In this environment, how and when can we prioritize ourselves to achieve the highly sought after “work/life balance”? Is it even achievable, or must we create our own reality to exist in, both at work and home? 

Join psychologist Carrie Parker Ph.D., specializing in intuition based practice, for a discussion on mental health in the working field. During this session, we will explore the concept of universal power versus force; how to harness and preserve your power to create a more peaceful, balanced existence. Learn how to prioritize yourself when work-life balance feels impossible. There will be demonstrations of small and easy exercises to help you ground yourself, even while at work. 

04.21.24 | 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • 10:00am | Registration
  • 10:30am | Presentation
  • Light Snacks & Water Provided
$12 + fees in advance | $15 at door
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Carrie Parker

Carrie Parker received her doctoral degree in clinical health psychology from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and joined the Air Force as a commissioned officer.  The most interesting thing she found when working with the military was the subject of intuition, or the so-called sixth sense, and how prevalent it was in the combat setting. Working alongside those who had been in the zone of death and danger for unheard amounts of time proved one thing: intuition is real (as long as you know how to listen). Her practice has transformed into a flow of energy and self-awareness that offers insight and an outlet for personal growth. Carrie believes it is about tapping into the feeling of your inner-self, then recognizing and getting what you need and want out of life. Her practice is about being intuitive and listening to the part of yourself that is not ruled by the mind.