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KU Student Showcase

KU School of Architecture & Design

The School of Architecture & Design (ArcD) at the University of Kansas presents recent student works representing the Department of Architecture and Department of Design. These two departments house six programs: architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, photography, animation & illustration, and visual communication design. The exhibit highlights projects from each of these programs. Meet some of the students behind the designs and hear about how their designs engage with the community and design professionals. ArcD is pleased to join KC Design Week in promoting design in our community.  


The Student Showcase is a special event organized and presented by KU School of Architecture & Design for KC Design Week!

We have selected each Partner Event to deliver something new, something cutting-edge, something unforgettable, and something delightful to add to our schedule. KC Design Week appreciates KU School of Architecture & Design for their enthusiastic participation!

These events are presented FREE of charge, but advance registration is REQUIRED.