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Rural Revival by Design

Examining the success of Adrian, MO

This event focuses on defining how the design process is a community effort. Enjoy lunch while Mark Lovelace, Former Adrian City Council Chair, walks us conversationally through the process of obtaining grant funding for Adrian’s Vision 2007, an initiative to finance and create urban planning efforts along Main Street. Peggy Buhr, Former Director of The Bates County Museum, explores the historical foundations behind the City of Adrian’s community development and discusses the impact of adaptive reuse spaces on the local community. Several key Adrian community members will join from the audience to answer Q & A after the presenters speak - providing stories and additional perspectives. 

The relevance for Kansas City lies in recognizing the potential positive impact of intentional design in rural towns. By valuing and understanding the design principles that contribute to rural revival, designers in Kansas City can draw inspiration for fostering positive change in their own urban context. This event serves as a bridge, connecting the lessons of rural revival to urban design while creating a holistic perspective for community engagement in the broader Kansas City area.

04.22.24 | 11:30am-1:00pm
  • 11:30am | Registration
  • 12:00pm | Presentation
  • Lunch & Beverages Provided
$18 + fees in advance | $25 at door
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Peggy Buhr

Peggy Buhr is a passionate advocate for preserving the cultural heritage of rural Missouri communities while also empowering their vibrant futures. As the Former Director of The Bates County Museum, she dedicated herself to sharing the captivating stories that define the region's history. With a knack for storytelling, Buhr will illuminate the narratives that shaped the identity of Adrian, Missouri - curating our understanding of how a Rural Revival in this charming town came about. Peggy's unwavering commitment to understanding and sharing how, by intentional or serendipitous design, the rich tapestry of this Rural Revival has come together. 

Mark Lovelace

Mark Lovelace served as the Chairperson for the Vision 2007 movement in Adrian, Missouri. With a passion for the Adrian community Mark played a pivotal role in laying the foundational work for a vibrant and thriving Adrian. His leadership was instrumental in securing grant funding, coordinating initiatives, and rallying supporters to revitalize the infrastructure of Main Street which served as the foundation for later design and art related developments in the area.